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i was a cesarean birth, because my mother always liked that hairstyle. "

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From Twitter 01-17-2011
m33f : altered ego

  • 01:18:09: "id like to thank god . . for making me an athiest" ~ ricky gervaise @ golden globes
  • 09:28:27: i really want the local news to STFU with the "wintry mix" bullshit! doesnt make you sound like a meteorologist, more like a doosh
  • 12:27:25: Uuuuuh so tired / sleepy + car lobby ftl
  • 12:28:38: RT @TheKevinButler: After adding up all the hours of content on the PlayStation Network, I’ve invented a new number, “Butlerillion.”
  • 12:32:28: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away #BeingHuman T-shirts to 5 people who retweet this note by tonight's BH premiere at 9/8c - http://twitpic.com/3 ...
  • 12:35:50: Still so much to do / can I just be a FT artist now, plz?
  • 12:39:23: RT @skinnybouffant: Best use of embedded video footage? http://t.co/7gAOigR for full album preview (inspired by in B Flat?) @HospitalRec ...

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