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i was a cesarean birth, because my mother always liked that hairstyle. "

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From Twitter 02-06-2011
m33f : altered ego

  • 01:58:55: this Friendly Fires kick is working for me this evening / very much so :)
  • 02:18:09: @crystalmethod ah yes i miss that place! do they still have the roofdeck?
  • 07:03:43: > @serafinowicz: Top Gear isn't racist. http://t.co/VymnH0w
  • 16:08:45: @Templesmith i can further apologize to you @c2e2 !
  • 21:45:00: "hey man which team do you want to win?" ~ heeeey i want the oxygen back that you just wasted asking me that

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