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i was a cesarean birth, because my mother always liked that hairstyle. "

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From Twitter 03-12-2011
m33f : altered ego

  • 04:37:06: "Do you think eventually Martin Sheen will get orders to go upriver and kill Charlie Sheen with a machete whil… (cont) http://deck.ly/~xsfJL
  • 04:57:35: to those of you LIKE'ing my M+B fb page, i thank you! to those UN=LIKE'ing or not even LIKE'ing, i say meh on you & thx for support LAWL
  • 04:59:24: you can tell who youre true blue buddies are when they take somewhat of an interest in what you do etc. thi… (cont) http://deck.ly/~vI0p0

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